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Salernitana - Intermediate.  Inter walk against Salernitana.  The leader strengthens himself in the chair.  Serie a

Salernitana – Intermediate. Inter walk against Salernitana. The leader strengthens himself in the chair. Serie a

Inter Milan’s favorite in Friday’s meeting with Salerno – is the weakest team in Serie A. The Campania team is practically “one foot away” from the Serie P, and it is in danger of being left out of the Italian squad. Elite due to owner issues. The government at the club in Stadio Areci is still run by Claudio Lodito, the leader of Lazio Rome.

However, Serie A rules prohibit having two clubs in a league and preserving its colors with a newcomer. Paweł Jaroszyński “Dark clouds” gather again. The club have until the end of the year to find a new owner, and in a dozen or more days of the game they will lose a team.

After five consecutive wins, he was promoted to head of Inter Serie A, and at Salerno, Simon Inzaki’s players believed they could outperform AC Milan and SSC Napoli. However, the story was ruthless to the nursery because the team had never been able to get the full pot from Milan before in studio archives.

The current Italian champions attacked from the first whistle and quickly documented their goal advantage. In the 11th minute, Hakan Kalhanoglu crossed from the corner, Ivan Perisic jumped high in the penalty area of ​​his own team and beat Vincenzo Fiorillo by a header.

Inter dominated the pitch, with the helpless newcomer practically unable to speak at all. Nerasuri almost decided the fate of the match in the 33rd minute. Denzil Dumfries finalized Marcelo Prosovic’s excellent play.

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After the break, Inter continued their performance, with Fiorillo having to pull the ball out of the net for the third time in the 52nd minute. After Lacey’s action, Alexis Sanchez entered the list of snipers this time around. The Chile goal made Inter the other club in Italy’s Calcio history, breaking the 100-goal barrier in Serie A in a calendar year.

In the 77th minute, Latoro Martinez scored the fourth goal for Nerasuric, and Roberto Cochleardini set up the score three minutes before the end of regulation time. Inter scored five goals in a childish game without pushing the pace too much. This is the lowest penalty for a weaker Serie A team this season.

US Salernitana – Inter Milan 0: 5 (0: 2)

Goals: Ivan Perisic (11.), Denzel Dumfries (33.), Alexis Sanchez (52.), Latoro Martinez (77.), Roberto Cochleardini (87.)