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What surname is on the Monica Olegenic ID card?

Monica has a surname other than the one she uses in Olegenic Media. What is the official name of the TVN star?

Monica Olejnik He has long been one of the most popular Polish journalists. Polish politicians are embarrassed when they see her because there is no discount during the interview with her and everyone knows very well that you should always be on the lookout. The right questions can confuse even the most discerning players.

Since 2006, he has been giving talks on his show The final touch In the air TVN24. She is always ready for the program and she knows everything about the narrators. He also publishes excellent columns Gazeta Wyborcza, In which he comments precisely on current political topics.

Monica Olejnik often attends business events, not skipping walls, but not much is known about her personal life. For example, not everyone knows that the journalist on the ID card has a different name than the one he uses in the media and above all on TVN. So what is it called before the law?

What is the name on the Monica Olegenic ID card?

We all know the journalist as Monica Oleznik, but the TV star turns out to be officially Monica Eva Vasovska. Olejnik is the maiden name of a journalist.

Many years ago, Monica Oleznik married Kreskors Vasovsky, a music journalist and satirist. They have a son, Jersey, born in 1985. Spouses divorced and reunited their lives. The journalist is currently meeting with sports journalist Tomas Zyolkovsky, with whom we see her on the red carpet and at industrial events. Vasovsky, remarried in 2004.

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The journalist did not return to his real name after the divorce. However, he still uses it at work, which is not surprising since he has worked hard for it for many years and it is his trademark when it comes to his career.

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