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What time will the new chapter 3 of season 2 come out?

What time will the new chapter 3 of season 2 come out?

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Fortnite: When is the new Chapter 3 of Season 2 coming?



The season premiere has never been this mysterious, let alone a mystery. Epic Games isn’t releasing almost any information about the next episode, but data experts seem to have found it with the start of the new season.

There is no countdown. There is no event as a final package. There aren’t any trailers to get you excited about the start of the next Fortnite episode. It truly is the start of the most secret season in the game’s history, miles from what Epic Games has achieved so far. However, the world’s most famous data producers agree that: The new second season of Chapter 3 kicks off well on Sunday, March 20th at 8am..

What time does the new season start?

On the eve of the season Fortnite Status He finally confirmed the maintenance schedule, and eventually we’ll be discovering a brand new version of Battle Royale. Will update at 20.00 20 Mark, 8:00. Logically, maintenance will take about two hours, which means that the first games should be released around 10 or 11 am at the earliest.

Less than 48 hours after the release of Epic Games Chapter 3 Season 2 gives us a nice silence. Contrary to the publisher’s habits, a general strategy for suspense was chosen.

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