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WhatsApp is a new version of its app for Windows 11, what would it look like? | lifestyle

WhatsApp is preparing the ground to ensure its entire multi-device ecosystem is working as it should the moment it is no longer in beta. And Desktop applications will be one of those cornerstones To stay in touch with all the contacts and groups we participate in, even if our mobile phone is turned off.

Now the news comes from a part of the desktop application that is being cooked for Windows 10 and 11 which will give a drastic change to the part we have now (Less elegant, more austere design and overall look that smells like mothballs for the number of years we’ve seen without many changes).

Renovation or radical change?

what or what Discover WABetAInfo’s companions are none other than Having a new desktop app That, at least in Windows, it copies practically all the graphic elements that were released last month with Windows 11. A Application Which exudes design fonts similar to those released by Microsoft for its new operating system that give it an elegance that hasn’t existed before.

New look for WhatsApp in Windows 11.

Of course, they warn us about that Its operation will differ only slightly, except for the aesthetic changes Feeling that it is “incredibly stable because it is native and uses fewer resources than WhatsApp Desktop”, even now, when some functionality seems to be missing, it is “a very good alternative to the current WhatsApp desktop application”. So if nothing goes wrong, things look really good.

As in the case of the current application available in Windows, The link will be performed through a screen smart phoneAnd Where we will have to scan the QR code that will appear on the screen to access it and log in. Both pinned and regular chats will be displayed in the same order as on mobile, and of course the functionality of voice calls and video chats or consult the latest statuses published by our friends are preserved.

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At the moment, this revamped version of Windows is in the testing phase, that’s when we talk about it WhatsApp means it It can still be delayed for some time, until it turns out that everything is working properly And the time is right to publish it. Moreover, as we said at the beginning, everything smells like an orchestrated plan for the sudden release of multi-device support with a full share of apps New on all systems. Hopefully on the iPad too.