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Whatsapp: what it is and how to activate reactions to messages |  Step by Step

Whatsapp: what it is and how to activate reactions to messages | Step by Step

The WhatsApp Announced this week The long awaited update This will fundamentally change the way you use the app. It is as of Friday in some countries, You can now reply to messages with a series of emojis.

This novelty is already in the conversations of Facebook, which is another application that is in the orbit of Meta, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg. Simple steps allowed Add a custom reply to a specific message below the text.

In the first place they Six reactions available, although its developers have already announced that they plan to expand it in the future. For now, you can choose between file icons thumb at height heart and emojis for RisaAnd SurpriseAnd crying y gratitude.

Step by step, how to reply to a message

  • Download a copy of The WhatsApp more recent.
  • Enter the chat where the message you want to reply to is located.
  • fixed it The received message you want to reply to.
  • Once in popup With the six emojis, select one.

What happens if the option does not appear

If the cell phone still does not activate feedback despite following the previous steps, It might be because the update isn’t available yet.

Keep in mind that this feature was released a few days ago. It is in full application all over the world. This may lead to a delay, since. WhatsApp usually gradually expands its new functions in different countries.