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Why did Carmen Muñoz go to Televisa

In June 2020, Carmen Muñoz announced an indefinite hiatus from her show “Enamorándonos” (Image: Instagram / @carmenmoriginal)

After many rumors, Carmen Munoz announced his return to Televisa. After giving the news to display a magazine for the same company, what was mentioned Juan Jose Origel in your program Excuse me: San Angel TV offered him a better salary. Even though she said she won’t be joining todayIt is expected that he may soon announce his solo show.

The TV presenter wrapped up 2021 with many rumors about her staying in Azteca TV And the entertainment program to the extreme, where Share Credits with Juan Barragan s Annette Koboro. Entertainment journalists like Martha Figueroa fueled the rumors by mentioning this Muñoz did not manage to end the negotiations well with Agosco TV.

The issue began at the end of November, when he began to be absent from the aforementioned program. in a sweating Patty Chaboy He confirmed and justified the reasons for not showing it for a season on TV Ricardo Salinas Bligo.

Carmen Muñoz hosted several shows on Azteca TV when the headlines weren't around (Image: Instagram/@carmenoriginal)
Carmen Muñoz hosted several shows on Azteca TV when the headlines weren’t around (Image: Instagram/@carmenoriginal)

“About 10 days ago, he asked for permission to be absent for a while since his mother had a fall and his father was seriously ill. She is moving to Guadalajara,” said the evening program chief.

Days later, the magazine TVNotas It was reported that TV executives were doing their best to prevent their host from leaving and They were willing to conclude a contract in her favor. However, Carmen decided not to sign again with Azteca TVBecause of the higher salary he would have demanded.

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At the beginning of December, after the announcement of this information, the program that leads Daniel Ned s Pedrito Sola You must confirm that Carmen Muñoz didn’t do that Signed a renewal contractBut they mentioned that the reason is that she He devoted himself to making books.

Carmen Muñoz has worked at Televisa for over a decade on projects such as "our house", along with Coque Muñíz, Raquel Bigorra and Talina Fernández (Image: Instagram/@carmenmoriginal)
Carmen Muñoz has worked at Televisa for over a decade on projects such as “Nuestra casa”, alongside Coque Muñíz, Raquel Bigorra and Talina Fernández (Image: Instagram/@carmenmoriginal)

“I went back and made a decision not to sign this contract, and He no longer works here. She made it very clear that she simply didn’t want to continue, she wanted to devote herself to writing books, and she said she was leaving at this moment,” Chaboye revealed.

Throughout December, the host has dedicated herself to making some initial shows for her debut as a writer on various channels on YoutubeHowever, uncertainty about what will happen to her leadership career has increased when bibelo Uriel and Jorge Ugalde In the same program single They mentioned that another great reason is that she He’s been a ‘Wild Card’ on TV for a season, as he didn’t have a fixed program like he had when he started his success with falling in love.

This was how the hostess was rumored to make her debut on San ngel TV during her New Year’s Eve party, but finally Tania RinconAnd Odalis Ramirez s Paul Stanley They are the responsible drivers.

Carmen Muñoz admitted that at the moment she will not drive a car
Carmen Muñoz has admitted that for now she will not be driving a “Today” (Image: Instagram / @carmenoriginal)

About the possibility of joining the Televisa host team in the morning today, the driver mentioned that there is nothing specific yet: “There is nothing tangibleIn other words, we don’t have anything specific; Yes there was a lot of speculation, but We haven’t even touched on a topic today. “I think other things will come to me,” he said in a recent interview.

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Despite the fact that Carmen Muñoz supports Chaboye’s version of her absence on Mexican television in the last two months of 2021 in her last interview on TVyNovelasHowever, the sudden change of his plans shows something different than his intention to spend “more time with family”. The driver refused to talk about what the amount might be The economic wage you will get now, but it is understood that He was bigger than he did Azteca TV.

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