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Will Donald Tusk return to Polish politics?  Rafa Trasaskovsky: All hands on board |  Policy

Will Donald Tusk return to Polish politics? Rafa Trasaskovsky: All hands on board | Policy

– I do not know what the plans and aspirations of Donald Dusk, but of course – all hands Tech – said the chairman of Warsaw Rafas Traskovsky during a press conference on Friday (June 4) at the capital City Hall. Of the former Prime Minister.

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Will Donald Tusk return to Polish politics? Trasaskovsky’s opinion

– Every effort to strengthen the opposition will certainly be welcomed by us – the mayor of Warsaw said on Friday. In one of the previous interviews Interior However, the politician was a little skeptical about the return of the former prime minister.

– Today we have to look forward, but this is the question for Polish women and poles. No one can be ruled out, however it seems to me that today the poles and poles are waiting for someone to bring about change – he commented at the time.

Will Tusk return? I want to help change the course of dangerous events for Poland

Boris Budka on Donald Dusk: He will play a bigger role in the future

Boris Putka, head of the Civic site, in an interview Interior He also quoted the former prime minister as saying that he was “in constant contact with Donald Dusk”. He suggested that sooner or later he would return to Polish politics and that his commitment would be “invaluable”.

– Undoubtedly, the former Prime Minister and President of the Council of Europe will play a major role in building a strong and successful platform in the future. Everything is in front of us, but for now the public must be patient – said.

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Will Donald Tusk return to Poland? “I am ready to make any decision”

Questions about Donald Dusk’s return to Polish politics in connection with the former prime minister’s Friday interview on “One for One” TVN24. The chairman of the European Council and the leader of the European People’s Party (which includes PO and PSL) was asked about his future plans and whether he could return to domestic politics.

– I am ready to make any decision to change the course of events that are dangerous to Poland, mentally, emotionally and in life – said. The former prime minister assured him that “there is a need to achieve a specific goal, which is to restore democratic order in Poland.”

Donald DuskWill Dusk return to Polish politics? “There is not a single person in the PO who does not like it”

Will Donald Dusk accept leadership of the Civic platform? The politician does not want to answer this question directly. However, during the entire interview, he repeatedly promised to “do everything he can to keep the stage in history from collapsing.”

The former prime minister has argued that the PO is a “responsible center” party, which is absolutely necessary if the opposition is to win the next parliamentary election. When asked about the assessment of Boris Budka’s leadership, he said he could not comment on the matter and would not comment on any comments or suggestions made by the PO. He also said he would personally hand over to the leader. As party leader, he said only that Putka “probably does not give people confidence.”

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