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Will you ignore that phone?  You can pay 5,000.  PLN Penalty :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Will you ignore that phone? You can pay 5,000. PLN Penalty :: Magazine :: RMF FM

This year’s census is slowly coming to an end. Those who have not yet done their job can expect a phone call from an accountant in the future. Be careful, ignoring this link can be very costly for you. Failure to speak to the officer will result in a PLN 5,000 fine. The Federal Bureau of Statistics says the first applications for sentencing have already been submitted.

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2021 Census. Don’t wait until September 30th!

In a few days, exactly on September 30th, it will be over 2021 Population and Housing National CensusIt will run from April 1. We would like to remind you that according to the General Statistics Act, participation is mandatory. Duty applies to every natural person. Regardless of whether he lives in Poland permanently or temporarily. All apartments, buildings and joint accommodation facilities should be listed.

How can you participate in the census? This is the last call for those who have not yet done so. The form available on the website is the matching self-number format To complete the missing data, you can contact the Census Hotline 22 279 99 99. The phone works every day from 8:00 to 22:00. You can also make a record In the commune office I In the statistics office.

You can not ignore this phone! There are severe penalties for this

The time to write on the internet ends for most people, not on September 30, but the moment he calls them rachmistrz. The officer can be contacted by phone at the following numbers:

  • 22 828 88 88
  • I 22 279 99 99.
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If you do not do the right thing, call from that phone number, You cannot deny the accountant to participate in the census. Failure to do so will result in severe consequences and higher financial penalties.

What are the risks of rejecting the census?

Note that the obligation to participate in the census is waived CrimeFor that he threatens PLN 5,000 fine. Anyone who provides incorrect data to the accountant could face even greater consequences. It is noteworthy that only refusing to give information to an officer is considered a crime. Delays in entering data into the census will be considered CrimeThere is a risk of being fined for that.

It is difficult to explain why you did not participate in the census due to lack of time. The census will last six months. You can write via the internet, call the hotline, the commune office or the statistics office. In addition, we carry out active functions outside. I remind you that the census ends on September 30th – warns Elżbieta Łoś from the statistics office in Lublin in an interview for the portal.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (GUS) submitted the first applications for the sentence

The Federal Bureau of Statistics said he had so far submitted to the police More than 100 announcements regarding refusal to participate in the national census. As a spokesman for the Central Bureau of Statistics of Poland points out, applications for punishment are submitted only when someone deliberately refuses to write a statement.

When someone refuses to participate in the census we submit applications to the police. After all, we do not care about punishment, but about participating in the census and fulfilling their duty. – Says Carolina Banassek, spokeswoman for the head of the Central Statistics Office.

Those who answered the phone call to the accountant and assured that they would write on the internet themselves can expect results. Despite the guarantee, they can expect sanctions if they fail to do so and fail to comply with the census obligation.

We are monitoring the implementation of this notification. Calculators try to contact you again if someone fails to write on their own. We check for refusal to participate in the census. We will not participate in the census because we are trying to explain what the census duty is to people who say they will not participate. Often, after talking to accountants, these people change their minds – Explain.

According to data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics by September 15 More than 80 percent of the population participated in the national census. Citizens, Of which 40 per cent. Using an Internet Survey. 20 percent have not yet done so. Residents of Poland will try to contact a team of about 10,000 censors with them.

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