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Windows 11 is gaining popularity

Windows 11 is gaining popularity

Steam’s monthly survey is a constant source of interesting information about the components and software that users of the Steam platform use. This time it is worth paying attention to the data for operating systems.

As expected, the number of people using Windows 11 is steadily increasing – the latest stats show it Computers running this operating system have 15.59 percent of users, which is a 2.03 DPI increase. compared to January. A significant part has switched to Microsoft’s latest software from Windows 10 – this software lost 2.13 points, but still maintained its dominant position with 75.69 percent.

Interestingly, a very large percentage of gamers are still using Windows 7 – although Microsoft has withdrawn support for this system, it is still found on the computers of 4.08% of respondents. Moreover, it is an increase of 0.35 p. Compared to the January survey.

The February stats also show that Windows is quite the dominant system – 96.36 percent of the Microsoft platform is used. responders. In second place was macOS (2.62%), and Linux (1.02%) in third place.

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