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won a "No" in a union vote at a GM plant;  Collective contract terminated - El Financiero

won a “No” in a union vote at a GM plant; Collective contract terminated – El Financiero

She won “No” in the vote for the new collective contract in General Motors plant in SilaoThis Thursday, the Department of Labor and Social Welfare reported.

The agency indicated that 3,214 workers voted “no”, 2,623 “yes”, while 39 votes were counted as invalid.

“With this, the collective contract of the factory ends,” he added in a statement.

The secretariat explained that the workers They will not lose any acquired rights You will maintain the same benefits and working conditions.

This process was monitored “at all times” by Ministry of Labor staff; Observers from the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Members of Generando Movimiento de General Motors were confident that the result of the vote would remove ownership of the collective labor contract from the union ‘Miguel Trujillo Gómez’ led by Tereso Medina and its subsidiary Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM).

The process was marked by accusations of intimidation to direct the voting sense of workers.

Hector de la Cueva, research coordinator at the Center for Labor Research and Union Advice (CILAS), warned that there were people who tried to intimidate workers.

He denounced that Miguel Trujillo Gómez’s union members intimidated the employees by telling them that if they voted “no”, The automaker will take its factoryAnd they even offered money to buy the right to vote for “yes”.

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