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Railway station in Tczew after photo renovation

Railway station in Tczew after photo renovation

It was built in 1949 and was last updated in the early 1990s. Although the terminal in Tczew is one of the largest in passenger traffic, the facility has not undergone renovation over the years. Today, the station has a completely new glow. The cost of the reconstruction is approximately 17.9 million PLN.

Comfortable, safe, accessible and modern with a modern interior in elegant gray and white and a facade made of red clinker tiles – this is the railway station in Tczew after reconstruction. Today, August 19, the facility was officially opened.

The modernization of the station began in August 2019 and was implemented as part of the Railway Stations Investment Program for the period 2016-2023 funded by the European Union from the Infrastructure and Environment Operating Programme. Thanks to him, the building was built from 1949, according to the design of Ing. The arch Zygmunt Polatyski has restored its aesthetic values ​​and has become a modern facility. The renovation was, inter alia, high. Insulation is finished, dark red clinker tiles with burners are gray, brown and black, which are combined with light carpentry of windows and doors. The fully realized aesthetic effect is underlined by the new lighting.

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The interior of the station has a homogeneous aesthetic dimension. The passenger service area, including the ticket office with floodlights at the top, is kept in neutral colors that subtly combine gray and white. It has a simple and modern look light fixtures Located in a figured ceiling. The hall is also equipped with graphite-colored metal seats, facades with timetables, as well as electronic train arrival and departure boards and a completely new audio information system. Ticket offices, restrooms and four rental spaces are located near the central hall. From there, you will also arrive directly at the built pedestrian bridge leading to the platforms and to the Zatorze district. New in the station hall is an escalator that allows passengers to take to the first level, where there is a small waiting room, shopping arcade, railway guard headquarters and offices for railway companies.

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