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Wroc³aw.  The birth of a Golden Tag at the zoo.  "It's like a cross between a sheep, an animal and a bear."

Wroc³aw. The birth of a Golden Tag at the zoo. “It’s like a cross between a sheep, an animal and a bear.”

The girl was born on April 8 at the Golden Tag at the Wroclaw Zoo. His parents are Jazz and Chiang. “The little baby is healthy and is being watched by his mother, almost ‘stepping on the rails'” – we read in the ZOO post on Facebook.

Dawkins are endangered species. Their biggest threats are deforestation, poaching and fragmentation of habitat, deputies say.

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Wroclaw. The birth of a Golden Tag at the zoo

Small The weight taken was about 8 kg. He stays in a separate envelope with his mother, with whom he is very attached. – We notice a good relationship between a mother and her daughter. The mother cares, and when we appear nearby, she actually hides the baby with her body – says Anna Rosiak, the caretaker of the Roklov Zoo. – For now, he must be at least a month old to be officially assigned to the state. By then, we should already have a name that we are constantly thinking about. We know that this must somehow be related to China, where this race comes from and begins with the letter Z after its mother – quoting his words from the portal I love Wroclaw.

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Extraction of gold in nature occurs only in one Chinese province

The Golden Duck is a mammal that resembles a combination of mountain goat, deer and bear. Their conservation breeding is carried out at 13 zoos, including Tokyo and San Diego. Four young animals – Jian, Johnny Woo, Von Yu and Jazz – are at the Wroclaw Zoo, which arrived in June and early July 2017 as part of a breeding transfer from three zoos in Liberec, Dresden and Berlin.

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“In nature, gold daisies are found only in one Chinese province – Shanxi. They live in the mountains and their environs, moving at an altitude of 4,500 m above sea level” – says the publication. “They reach a height of 1.4 m and a body length of 2.2 m with a body weight of up to 350 kg” – add Wrocław Zoo representatives in a post on Facebook.

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