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Yanovsky does everything to end up without a medal again

Bartosh Zmarzlik 4. The score was low for a competitor on the podium. But we know very well who Zmarzlik is in Gorzów. On Saturday he was tired in several races, and in the final he was driving fourth for a long time. In the end he tore off the podium, but he did so only thanks to his amazing skills.

Patrick Doddick 5. Very good performance. Apator’s fast slate returns to the ranks of the world leaders after a poor start to the season in the GP. In Gorzów he was very confident and some were expecting to win the final. However, he fell into a ditch and lost his place on the platform.

Paul Przydebinsky 3. There is no need to bully him too much. This player makes his debut as a regular and outside the competition in Warsaw and does not play any major roles. It was the same in Gorzów.

Szymon Woźniak 3. The wild card is best awarded, as Woźniak confirms his high level with his position in the league. Saturday, however, had nothing to frighten him. Still missing GP level.

Maciej Janowski 2-. Unfortunately. Everything indicates that Janowski could end up without a medal this year as well. It seemed impossible. He is already ranked 3rd with Vaculik, but the competitors are very close. Maciej comes down with the form.

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