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You can pick up parcels from Allegro at checkout in Biedronka

You can pick up parcels from Allegro at checkout in Biedronka

Pedronka stores have joined the list of points where it is possible to receive parcels from Allegro. Until now, the collection of parcels in the stores of this chain was possible only in the parcel machines of Poczta Polska located there, now At nearly 600 locations, customers can simply pick up their orders at checkout.

package at checkout

Only prepaid parcels can be ordered to Biedronki. The package will be waiting for the recipient for 7 days. To collect your order from the e-commerce platform, you must enter the receipt code sent by the operator at checkout.

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The buyer may order a parcel to Biedronka if the seller makes this method of shipping available on Allegro. After making purchases on Allegro, you must enter the delivery and payment form in the collection section Choose Pedronka in a suitable location. Until now, it was possible to collect parcels from Allegro in Żabka, at RUCH kiosks or in Orlen.

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