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Advantages of Conducting a Web Audit, According to Alex 1 Kenobi

Advantages of Conducting a Web Audit, According to Alex 1 Kenobi

There are many factors that can prevent the effective performance of web pages. for this reason, A prerequisite for ensuring a high-quality page With optimization and performance necessary to stand out online Perform audits of these sites.

So the a web audit It can be successfully implemented, the help of professionals with extensive experience in this field is necessary. This is the case of commercial and digital consultant Alex Toledo, founder of Alex 1 Kenobi, a company dedicated to Helping entrepreneurs and growing companies conduct website audits.

What is a web audit?

Web audits are responsible for analyzing several pillars such as efficiency, optimization, and security of a particular web page. The goal is Find the points that need improvement so that the mentioned site has a perfect and efficient performance It allows visitors to browse, consult and buy easily and simply.

Of course, the better organized a web page is, the easier it will be to place it in search engines like google browser NS bing. Also, it is very important to note that Quality content, design and keywords They are very important factors for increasing website performance.

With the right web audit, the web page owner will be able to learn how to improve content structures and sections and even how to increase the security of said site. With all this in mind, it is possible to confirm that the advice Alex 1 Kenobi It will greatly improve the success of the page on the Internet.

Increase the value of a web page by checking

Having Alex 1 Kenobi advice when auditing web pages will allow you to better structure said site, so that you get Greater guarantees in web positioning, search engine optimization and search engine marketing; This way the search engine’s algorithm will favor it, which will allow the page to gain greater visibility in the short, medium and long term.

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This service aims to business men, Startups and expand business, includes a list of them More than 500 resources and tools applied to marketing Digital Perfect for achieving website goals, better ranking content and thus attracting more audience to increase sales and traffic.

In short, when performing a web audit with Alex 1 Kenobi, the customer will receive comprehensive information and a strategy session that will allow anyone to master page operation and make said site get 100% performance.