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Users Reported Netflix Service Crashes This Is Not Your Internet!

Users Reported Netflix Service Crashes This Is Not Your Internet!

users Tonight, Netflix reported on social networks the fall of the platform flow. As usual, they have taken to Twitter to complain about the service’s failure and find relief from other netizens going through the same technological complexities.

Although the platform Streaming He hasn’t taken an official stance on this matter, monitoring site bottom detector I mentioned that tonight’s failures were reported by users, who said that when logging in, the screen was paused and not allowed in.

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According to the monitoring site, reporting of problems began around 9:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, on social networks, comments of doubts immediately began to circulate about whether the Internet service or the failure of the platform. In this regard, Netflix responded that it is already working on fixing the bug.

“Hello! We are already working on the issue and you can continue to enjoy the service without issues. Thanks for the report, have a good night.^SS,” a user asked in response.

Troubles on the platform coincide with the premiere of Season 5 of Stealing moneyOne of the powerful Netflix cards. Even, on social networks, netizens joked that fans of the series threw up on the platform system.

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