Update Beware: Apple is distributing an update for the HomePod smart speaker. Owners should definitely keep their hands off the update, initial reports suggest. Overheating of the amplifier cannot be ruled out.


Apple: Update makes the big HomePod unusable

If you own a HomePod, it is best not to install the software currently offered. According to user reports, after the update is installed, under certain conditions, the large volume HomePod overheatingAfter that it can only be disposed of by electronic scrap. Serious problems arise with Apple TV.

It’s still not clear exactly why Apple’s HomePod sweats so hard. Troubled users report that the top of the speaker gets very hot, which eventually leads to a complete failure (source: 9to5Mac). Apple has not yet commented on the problem. Affected Update to HomePod OS 14.6. As a precaution, anyone who has already installed the software should stop using the speaker and unplug it from the power source until Apple takes remedial action.

It’s not the first HomePod update Apple has distributed to make the speaker unusable. Already in 2019 An occasional update ensures that the big HomePod is no longer responsive. Affected devices had to be sent to Apple for repair. The update itself was only offered for a few hours. Then a clean update was distributed about a week later.

I Video: This is what we think of the Apple HomePod.

Apple HomePod: Speakers are no longer available

Apple hasn’t officially offered the HomePod big release since March 2021. About three years after the speaker started rolling out with Siri, it’s now completely and Disappeared from wallet without replacement. HomePod mini is an alternative.

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