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Young Boys beat Ferencvaros in the first leg

Reduced to ten, YB managed to dominate Ferencvaros in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League playoff. At Wankdorf, Bernese won 3-2.

The blows of fate did not capture the minds of David Wagner players. The Swiss champion keeps all his chances of reaching the Champions League by showing great strength of character to beat the Hungarian champion by one man less than the 25th minute.

We can say that the Byrne fans went through all the states of mind during this segment and more accurately during the first half full of twists and turns. It was necessary first to absorb the opening of the Hungarian score of the fourteenth by Ivorian Frank Pooley. Only the young boys have the resources and after a couple of minutes Ilya, with a skewed shot, managed to bring the two teams to the desired level.

Then there was the development of fate 25 and the expulsion of Sylvain Hefti for a stupid mistake within 16 meters. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s a penalty that just came to punish this imbalance in the area. But Ozuni hit the post before the ball bounced off Pfeiffer’s back and a group of players rushed to push the ball to the bottom. Only the VAR denied this goal due to a mistake by Martins Pereira.

At the age of 10, David Wagner’s players gave themselves their first victorious lead in the 40th minute when, after a dangerous dismissal from Ferencvaros’ defense, Vincent Ciero was able to put the ball into the alcove with an impressive half-volley.

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And on the 65th, it was an angry single from ex-Service apprentice Ulysses Garcia, who gave Bernie two steps ahead. Obviously the Hungarians pressed at the end of the match and YB had to put his back on the numerical advantage. Ferencvaros managed to score the second goal through Polly, but Bernays held on.

They hope to do the same in Six Days in Budapest for the return leg. But the state of mind shown in this first duel suggests beautiful things.