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YouTube in the background for everyone soon. Music playback tests start after exiting the app

YouTube is the most visited website in the world. Each month, the site has 5.5 billion page views, twice the number of Facebook pages that ranked second. Although the website has been in operation for many years, the smartphone app has a serious flaw. after getting out of a program Stop playing the music. You can get rid of this limitation by purchasing YouTube Premium, and the subscription removes ads from the site.

However, background play is expected to be available to all users soon.

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YouTube in the background. Functional tests for all users have begun

You will need to download the YouTube Music app to use the background play feature without purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription. It’s the equivalent of Spotify and Apple Music, but with YouTube content. Currently, the app as well as the underlying service software stops playing after closing it.

The new feature is expected to reach the first users on November 3. Residents of Canada will get it as part of the tests. If all goes well, an update will be released that will allow everyone to play in the background over time gradually to more users.

YouTube will receive more important updates

Google should take care of the continuous development of its most important website. Another important change is the increased integration of the app with Google Assistant. However, the Poles will likely wait a lot to implement it, unless they decide to address the assistant in English. Updates in non-English speaking countries appear later because they require integration of the service in a specific language.

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Another important update is the improved integration with Android Auto. We’ll get to know the details of all these changes soon.