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Yvonne Monteiro faced Eduardo Rodriguez at La Casa de los Famosos 2: “You’re not loyal”

Ivonne Montero was moved to tears inside The House of Celebrities for confronting her ex-partner Credit: (Instagram/@telemundorealities)

Recently, Yvonne Montero revealed How inconsistent is his secret relationship with Eduardo RodriguezAfter two days of speaking out about the topic, the actress decided to confront her now ex-partner.

in tears, Montero Eduardo Rodriguez claimed Their neglect and denial of the six-year relationship that binds them:

“You made me understand, if you don’t want to be said you offered it to me, you made me understand that we’d make it and we’d be together, you’re terrified, my love, then you keep things to yourself, you’re not honest and suddenly you don’t remember”

Yvonne Montero complained to Eduardo Rodriguez

Commented during the second season of famous houseTelemundo, the reality show. The program members were alone in one of the rooms.

In response, the 48-year-old actor simply said “No, well, things were already clear to me.”However, his ex-partner broke out in tears of despair and continued the tense talk.

“And maybe the problem is my problem, there is no anger, the relationship with you is already closed, it is clear here here All this week is so complicated (and full of) memories, how could you not be here? The actress mentioned pointing to her heart and pausing to try to control her emotions.

Yvonne Montero cried out of desperation (Image: Instagram screenshot/@telemundorealities)
Yvonne Montero cried out of desperation (Image: Instagram screenshot/@telemundorealities)

After a few seconds of silence in which Eduardo accepted the claim, Yvonne asked him a series of questions posed by the actor ruby (2004) categorically denied.

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“I suddenly feel that you believe What do I not deserve? a To sleep with everyone? don’t you? You ask me all the time, about Potro, I said “Have you already given it to yourself?” I mean, maybe just as a joke baby, but It means you don’t know me.”As he claimed.

Yvonne Monteiro also blamed her ex-partner who constantly asks her about her history of sexual relations, which she does not understand and asserts that this generated an emotional conflict in her. Now you ‘I didn’t do it, I didn’t say’ and you put together your own storyis over.

The actor listened and remained silent most of the time (Image: Instagram screenshot/@telemundorealities)
The actor listened and remained silent most of the time (Image: Instagram screenshot/@telemundorealities)

After about a day of this intense conversation, John Vidal Eduardo Rodriguez gave some tips for “cleaning up his image”:

“If she’s using this to get attention, you need to clear your name because you make yourself look like an institution…We gentlemen are on another level. If she’s doing things for the reason I think, then you should put ice cream.” Do you know what worries me? They make you look bad in public.” Also male member Celebrity House 2.

Yvonne Monteiro told Luis Potro Caballero the details of the relationship.

Although the story between the two is overMontero was surprised Find out more about his ex-partner in the middle of the reality show, because the actor He assured the cameras of La Casa de los Famosos that he would never communicate with a woman who had childrenHowever, he did it when they were together.

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“Of course, I am surprised by the little things he said so suddenly when we were talking (in La Casa), he said he would never go out with his mother and I came to find out here, and say “Why didn’t you tell me before?”Yvonne Montero commented on Lewis Potro Gentleman after washing dishes.

In addition, Eduardo Rodriguez had generated an anxious attachment in Ivonne Montero since he constantly appeared and disappeared from her life, causing confusion in the actress. Despite everything, she said she didn’t have a partner at the timeIn part, respect your relationship with him.

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