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Zagibi Lupine – Zagilonia Biastock. Extraklasa competition results

Zagelonia Biastok joins Zakib Lupine in the clash and is motivated by a last-round victory over Lech Bosnas. Copper, who defeated Wardha Bosna a few days ago, is not an easy opponent. It was Jacobi who tried to dominate from the start of the game and lifted it in the middle of the match.

The basin existed, but to no avail

The first dangerous opportunities were created by the accusations of Darius Sura. In the 11th minute, Sukas Boraba fired a shot from a distance, but missed slightly. Philip Starsiski was also looking for his opportunities. The 30-year-old midfielder missed a free kick at first, before the break he threw a crack from a distance, but his shot was consciously recovered by Powell Steinforce.

Jacquelonia tried to respond with crosses from the set pieces of the game, but it did not translate into goal situations. The only dangerous act created by Jesus Imaz who tried from behind the sixteenth. The ball bounced off one of the defenders and the watch fell into the hands of Dominic Hluton.

Imas 1: 0

After a change of pages, Jacoby initially won, but the guests opened the scoring. In the 53rd minute, Tomas Brigill played a flat sixteenth game from right to unnoticed Imas, who beat Heldon with the first ball shot. The spectators may have been 2-0 in the 69th minute, but the referee did not recognize Imas’ goal after a cross from the left. The conclusion was correct because, as the comeback showed, the Spaniard was in an offside position.

Several dozen seconds later Sasa Sivak was close to equalizing, but Steinforce instinctively recovered his shot. Despite the efforts of the hosts who were often on the ball and focused on level attacks, the result did not change until the end of the match. Zagelonia won 1-0 and held the same points with Mitzio. These did not take advantage of the opportunity to capture league leader Lech Bosna.

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