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ZUS: Retirees from old age and disability will get their money back before Christmas

ZUS: Retirees from old age and disability will get their money back before Christmas

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ZUS, the social insurance institution, pays pensions on the 5th, 6th, 10th, 15th, 25th and 25th of each month, and the funds will be available in the accounts after one day. When benefits are paid to those whose due date is usually December 25, the first day of Christmas birthday? ZUS spokeswoman in Lower Silesia, Iona Kowalska Matisse, reassures seniors: – This year, all pensioners and pensioners from the “25” period who have accounts will receive their payments no later than December 23.

It is worth noting that, by analogy with this situation, money will be paid to older citizens on January 1, 2022. Customers of the Social Insurance Institution can count on them from December 28.

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Retirees will receive their benefits before Christmas. They have been handed over since December 21.”

– Since December 21 we hand over the pensions brought in by the courier so that the postman can deliver it by December 24th. I hope the post office is up to date this time too and our customers get their money back as soon as possible. However, I emphasize that the best situation is of course those whose money flows into bank accounts – the spokeswoman added in an interview with informations

According to the report “Info Senior”, Polish elderly people are becoming more open to banking services, as evidenced by the statistics – more than 70 percent. Pensioners receive their pension on a bank account.

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