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50 thieves raided Brazil – tied hostages to cars

Three people were killed after a ruthless group of thieves attacked several banks.

Stunning photos show how heavily armed thieves use hostages as human shields to escape the police.

Fifty thieves armed with machine guns, bombs and drones attacked several banks in the Brazilian city of Aracatuba on Monday, it wrote. the sun.

The robbers are said to have attacked the military police and set cars on fire to block the streets. A car outside a police station was set on fire to block the entrance.

Photos and videos show how thieves expel people who have been taken hostage on the street. They are then strapped to their empty cars as human shields so the police don’t shoot the culprits.

– Mayor Delador Borges said the police can’t attack her, they can’t confront her because there are too many lives at stake. the sun.

Police: Three deaths

Police said three people died. One of the dead is said to be a suspected thief. Who the other two were or how they lost their lives is unknown.

Four others are said to have been injured, including a police officer.

How much money the thieves got is still not clear.

according to British subway The robbers disappeared into the countryside after the raids, and the hostages are believed to have been released.

Behind them in the city, the thieves left bombs with sensors ready to explode as soon as anyone approached. So the police urged the public to stay indoors.

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