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8.5 thousand have been sold since the first show. Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator. Revenue covered 17 percent. Costs

2021-11-21 19:52

2021-11-21 19:52

8.5 thousand have been sold since the first show.  & quot;  Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator
/ Play2Chill

From the day of the premiere on the Steam platform on November 17 to November 20 until 17:00, a total of 8.5 thousand were sold. Copies of Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 in PC version – Play2Chill announced in version. The game was released on the company’s publishing account.

The total cost of production, localization and marketing of MMS21 for PC, calculated at the date of publication of the report, did not exceed 1.2 million PLN. Revenue from the sale of the game, at the time of publication of the report, was about 17 percent. game costs.

It is planned to create gaming ports for consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) and VR devices.

At the time of publication of the report, Steam Outstanding Wishlist was 135,000. Units, the number of purchases from the Wishlist was 5.3 thousand. pieces, the number of MMS refunds is 21,671 pieces.

The distribution of sales by country in quantitative terms: the United States 19%, the Russian Federation 10%, Germany 9%, Great Britain 6%, Turkey and France each, China 4%. Argentina, Poland and Canada 3% each. , the remaining 32 percent.

Company sales reports are presented in lump sums. As per Steam platform policy, buyers can opt out of a purchase and have up to 14 days to do so. (PAP Biznes)

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Source:PAP Biznes
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