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A private photo of GNTM President Heidi Klum: Does Leni’s boyfriend Aris really belong in the family?

Heidi Klum, director of “The Next German Model”, is proud of a mother of four
Bild: Image Alliance / Jordan Strauss / Invision / SB / DPA

Heidi Klum Very active on Instagram. She sometimes shows a lot of skin, hugging with her husband Tom Kaulitz or with her children. But her latest post never looked like this: The GNTM President now introduced her daughter’s friend in person Lenny Klum On Instagram. It appears that Ares is indeed a permanent member of the family.

Heidi Klum has now posted a very special shot

It’s a statement that you might not notice until you take a second look. On Instagram, Heidi Klum lets her 8 million followers share her joyful life between “German Next-Model”, “America’s Got Talent”, her love for husband Tom Kaulitz and of course, she chooses visions of her family life as the proud mother of four. However, in a new post on Instagram, she not only collected the last two points, but also added another one. After all, in the photo that the GNTM President has posted now, you can see not only herself, her children Lu, Henry, Gohan, Lenny and her husband Tom, but also someone else. .

Officially a family member? Heidi Klum posts a photo with Lenny’s friend Aris Rashevsky

Who does not know who the young blue-hat is: Aris Rashevsky is the one chosen by Heidi’s daughter Lenny Klum, who recently celebrated her media debut. By the way, the two don’t hide their love, and so it seems like Mama Heidi is following her darling offspring on Instagram.

What a cool sign of “Germany’s Next Top Model” icon, which should have made it clear just how much Aris is actually part of the Klum clan, right ?! We are really looking forward to more ideas from the famous family, which may surprise us with more new members in the future.

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