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Tunden by Vanessa Claudio due to her “hoarding” during the Miss Universe 2021 broadcast on Azteca TV | Algebraic

Mexico City. Puerto Rico Vanessa Claudio She was criticized on social media for her wild performance when hosting Azteca TV’s special broadcast for the Miss Universe 2021 contest.

The 37-year-old caught the attention of viewers and netizens, since her participation as a host was “overwhelming”, because she did not allow her co-host to speak Alicia Machado, Who was crowned Miss Universe in 1996, is the representative of her country, Venezuela.

It was during the broadcast on May 16, that the two women were accompanied by the actor Brandon BeinischWho supported their colleagues in commenting on the details and what was happening during the most famous beauty pageant in the world.

One of the things that users criticized the most was the development Vanessa Claudio had made at the time of sharing, where they pointed out “Acaparadora”, “ganona” s “Who was just trying to get attention.”, By not letting fellow drivers speak, especially Alicia Machado.

what happened?

Before finding out that the Mexican, Andrea Meza, 26, was the biggest winner in the Miss Universe 2021 title, the aforementioned three Azteca TV hosts gave a lot to talk about on the networks, confirming that they had not received an order or an order. Script to learn their role in speaking and confuse the viewer.

According to some comments from TV Azteca followers on Twitter, Vanessa Claudio who It was “Miss Sympathy” at Miss Intercontinental 2006, Tried to stand out from fellow illustrator Alicia Machado, because every time the Venezuelan wanted to make a comment, Claudio interrupted her.

The drivers were only Sophia, Alicia and Brandon! Vanessa Claudio came out from the rest. He did not let others speak. The good thing is that it is now not out !!! #MissUniversoEnAzteca ”It was one of the many comments that let the TV station know that they don’t want Claudio in front of the cameras.

For her part, Alicia Machado was uncomfortable throughout the transmission process and there was a moment when it seemed that the three presenters were fighting to speak and it was not understood what they wanted to say, but Vanessa Claudio’s voice was always distinguished, who has more ability to speak, in addition to raising his voice to interrupt His companions.

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