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Carmen Muñoz: They revealed her salary on Televisa, does she earn more than Legarreta?

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Carmen Munoz I know He returned to the ranks of Televisa, Place “Where was he happy?” In the words of Tania Rincon. The host decided to leave TV Azteca and join the program today, Where will you share the cameras with him Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montejo, Raul Ariza, Paul StanleyAnd Andrea Escalona and Arrath de la Torre, But, How much will your salary be on San Angel TV? Will he earn more than his new teammates? This journalist revealed Michael Rubalcava.

In recent years, the hostess from Jalisco has proven herself in the public’s taste by Azteca TV With programs like falling in love s to the extreme. Although at first it was just rumours, Carmen Muñoz surprised last Thursday with an appearance on today.

Muñoz’s return to TV has been on the air, especially when Juan Jose bibelo Uriel She revealed that the presenter has removed a special for the new year. However, a few days before the start of 2022, Televisa confirmed Carmen Munoz As his new signature, which raised doubts about the salary he will receive.

How much will Carmen Muñoz earn on Televisa?

Journalist Michele Rubalcava posted a video on her YouTube channel Carmen Muñoz will earn the same salary as Andrea LegarretaThat is, she will receive approximately 800,000 pesos annually, Slightly less than Eric Rubin’s wife earns, pointing to TV Notes.

“This is not Andrea Legareta’s salary, but rather what Legareta earns”Rubalkava said.

Rubalcava also mentioned that Carmen Muñoz, in addition to being in Hoy, will be the owner of the contest programme. He added that the highest paid host on Televisa is Galilea Montijo.

“They tell me it’s Galilea who earns more than the conductors there on Televisa. It’s Galilea, and then comes Andrea Legarreta. After all the prosperity that Carmen Muñoz had to keep her happy because they would give her the salary is not the same. From Legarreta, a little shorter, but it’s almost the same , commented.

Carmen Muñoz reveals why she went to Televisa

Said the host at the beginning of her statement.

When Muñoz spoke about his reasons for choosing San Angel TV, he wrote: “Together with my agency Make It Prensa, we have made the decision to return to Televisa, A company I have worked with for 16 years that He gave me all the facilities, support and above all time“.

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