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Brutal Robert Pattinson: New Batman movie premiere gives bleak look

savage robert pattinson
The new Batman trailer gives a grim look

The Batman movies don’t fall into the “Feel-Good-Movie” category anyway, but director Matt Reeves’ new movie seems to be a particularly dark implementation of superhero stuff. The new trailer is not stingy with brutality and introduces a ripped main character.

A new trailer for “The Batman” shows just how grim and brutal the movie is, with Robert Pattinson in the lead role. Zoë Kravitz also featured prominently as the Catwoman in the clip. “Who are you there?” ask sometime. Batman replied, “I am a punishment.”

In the film’s trailer for director Matt Reeves, Batman is repeatedly portrayed, seemingly without consequences. Even the explosion could not stop him. The introduction is also frightening: it says “Fear is a tool.” “When a light appears in the sky, it’s not just a sign. It’s a warning.”

Will the hero in “Batman” be more brutal and violent than before? “There’s despair right from the start,” Pattinson said, according to Entertainment Weekly, during a DC FanDome event. “He’s really working on that outrage.” “He doesn’t have much control over his character. The line between Batman and Bruce isn’t that clear.” He “didn’t specify exactly what Batman is. He got lost in it.”

The trailer also features Andy Serkis as Alfred, references to Riddler’s evil plan, and the character of Colin Farrell Oswald Coppelbut, aka the Penguin. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in March 2022.

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