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Annemarie Karpendale: Knackpo-Kracher! Here lies Wayne at the feet of the “Red” announcer.

Wayne Carpendale is not really easy. Annemarie Carpendale’s Husband allows fans to participate in his daily life as Insta Husband on Instagram. In the Maldives, the actor falls at the feet of a presenter in a bikini “taff”.

Wayne Carpendale lies at the feet of bikini beauty Anne Marie Carpendale on the beach in the Maldives.
Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa | Tobias Rabbit

In recent years, a new professional field for masters of creation has emerged: the Instagram husband. The task of the Insta-husband is to skillfully organize and capture his partner with the camera for the photo and video network Instagram. also Wayne Carpendale, who is actually an actor and presenter, sometimes works with his wife Anne Marie Karpendale As Insta Husband (Instagram Husband). On vacation in the Maldives, the son of Howard Carpendale even threw himself in the sand for the “difficult” presenter. Still, millions of men and women would like to swap places with Wayne.

Anne Marie Carpendale in a bikini with a cracked buttock on Instagram

The reason everyone wants to switch places with Wayne Carpendale became clear in his latest Instagram post. On the beach in the Maldives, where Wayne, 44, is vacationing with his wife Anne-Marie, 44, and son Mads, 3, the actor lies on the sand and looks intently at a cell phone camera. Mrs. Anne Marie is swaying in front of him in a sexy bikini and trying to capture the beach beauty with the camera. “In the middle of my tough pair training on Instagram,” the presenter’s husband “Red” wrote in a caption to the three-part photo series, which prominently shows the handsome downside of Annemarie Karpindel.

After Wayne Carpendale: Lucas Cordales also appears as Insta Husband

Followers of Wayne Carpendale show little sympathy for his tough, back-breaking job. One fan offers his support: “Can I have a training period? Then you can take a break.” “This sounds familiar,” Lucas Cordales wrote, which is also often used as an insta husband for wife Daniela Katzenberger, in the comments column. Only Wayne’s wife, Anne-Marie Carpendale, shows some sympathy for her husband. “Poor Haschi”, born in Hanover, pities her beloved.

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