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“Don’t forget the lyrics”: Magali Ripoll and Maestro fight on the set of the show: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

“Don’t forget the lyrics”: Magali Ripoll and Maestro fight on the set of the show: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Natasha, the maestro with 10 victories, is a liberal nurse by profession. But when she does not care about the sick, the young mother has a very special hobby. With his companion, they love to indulge in sword fights! Activity surprised Nagui and Natasha has already given him her children. “We bought them shields and swords, we’ve already started. It breaks them, but we don’t let them do too much because we don’t want them to explode at all‘, laugh. Wednesday, July 6, 2022, on set Don’t forget the wordsThe maestro was surprised to discover it Magali Ripoll wearing helmet, shield and sword in hand. “Want to come to fightNaghi asks the shepherd. Neither one nor two, the two women face off in a duel on the set.

“You vs Magali”

Musicians and singers started the show Disguised as knights on their proud (somewhat) horses. “Looks like a warrior Xena“Natasha announces when she sees Magali Ripoll on her stage. Nagy encourages her colleague to join them, while Karen, the violinist on the show, raises a second sword.”that’s mineSir asked.”Yes you are against my fieldThe host answers. The two women hesitated before finally getting caught up in the game. The nurse warns quickly, before pointing out that unlike her opponent, she does not have a protective helmet. Once again, Karen brings one. The battle can begin. “you h“Naji divorces the candidate under the laughter of the audience.”For the first time in Don’t Forget the Lyrics, only one will remain‘, he adds. To the sound of the drum drum, The two women exchange some sword blows before Magali Ripoll withdrew after being hit in the side. A quick and painless victory for Natasha who will also defeat Fabian, the candidate who came to challenge her to try to get the silver microphone back.

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