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San Fermin: Two years after the pandemic, the Pamplona festivals attract thousands of people

San Fermin: Two years after the pandemic, the Pamplona festivals attract thousands of people

This Wednesday, at the sharp noon, Former football player and coach Juan Carlos Onzo The festivities began with the launch of the txupinazo, a fiery rocket, from the balcony of the town hall.

In front of him, thousands of people filled the emblematic Town Hall Square and the main streets of the capital of Navarres. Until July 14, Ironia-Pamplona will live to the rhythms of nightly concerts and fireworks, parades of giants, processions and diana, The concerts that wake up the capital of Navarre every day, just before seven in the morning.

Encierro and prayer

Bullfighting is one of the main events in San Fermin. This bull runs in the city streets Every day, from 7 to 14 July, at 8 in the morning, Between the fence located behind the town hall and the squares on a path of 850 meters. Every day, professionals and novices from all over the Basque Country and around the world converge near the Saint Fermin statue below the town hall. Bullfighting is always preceded by a prayer dedicated to the patron of Navarre. In the Basque and Castilian, runners claim the blessing of who was the first bishop of the city:

“We ask Saint Fermin to be our intercessor, Guide us in closing, give us your blessing He lives ! he goes!”

“Listen to us, San Fermin, you are the patron saint! Pray with our feet in this running of the bulls”

The prayer is sung three times a little before eight in the morning, then the group sets out to climb up Santo Domingo, the town hall square and the emblematic streets of Mercaderes, Estavita and Telefónica to reach the bullring where the bulls are directed to the stables before Bullfighting takes place every afternoon Since the end of the fourteenth century. Bullfighting hardly takes a few minutes and gathers millions of viewers around the world enthusiastic about the images captured by about thirty cameras and drones.

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World-famous folk festivals attract thousands of visitors. However, it is also sometimes a place of sexual abuse and assault. The authorities remind that all attackers will be prosecuted and call for vigilance. In case there is a problem, Dial 112.

Yes this year, and finally this year, we have San Fermin here! © Radio France
Frank Dolores

Again this year, thousands of Northern Basque Country residents will travel to the city in Twin with Bayonne to attend For some of the 500 events organized from 6 to 14 July. subordinate Buses are also planned to do this step.

France Bleu Pays Basque will also make you live the best and long-awaited comeback moments of the San Fermin festivities.

Thousands attended Pamplona's festivities on Wednesday
Thousands attended Pamplona’s festivities on Wednesday
Pamplona City Council