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Did Carmen Villalobos end up with Sebastian Caicedo?  The actress shared a meaningful message

Did Carmen Villalobos end up with Sebastian Caicedo? The actress shared a meaningful message

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos who plays Alejandra Maldonado in the production replay. Until the money separates usShe was the headline champion in the national media after a rumor about her split from actor Sebastian Caicedo.

And the artist posted on her official account on the Instagram website a video clip, accompanied by a motivational text, in which she confirmed that regardless of the context, “things will get better.”

be strong! Because things will get better… There may be a storm now, but the rain doesn’t last forever! Only you have the strength. Happy Wednesday, my beautiful people ️”, the protagonist of the Colombian novel published.

The video shows the daily attitudes of the actress It is accompanied by a voice in turning off Which also gives a message about self-improvement and personal motivation.

“Strong people smile with a broken heart, cry with closed doors and fight battles that no one knows about,” is heard in the video, making his followers think again. Carmen Villalobos ended up with Sebastian Caicedo.

This message joins the one that was published a few days ago, in which the actress indicated with the advent of the current month that she, too, is starting a new stage.

The protagonist of the series Until the money separates usleft a touching video for his followers, accompanied by the following text:

“July has arrived and this month I invite you to start over. Let go of everything that hurts you and open your arms to everything positive. One day at a time, in the best way while keeping your core. Hello july! the most delicious month of the year”general.

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For the actress, this month is special because her birthday is on July 13.

How did your fans react?

The video captures the various moments experienced by the actress that moved the users of the network, which contains a voiceover with the following message.

“So she is, sometimes ignorant. Her happiest of happy days and her saddest of bitter days. Ice or fire, hurricane or calm, he just doesn’t understand the middle.”

Meanwhile, his followers did not hesitate to send him moving messages.

“Your month is here, my beautiful queen. I hope it fills you with many positive and happy things, you deserve everything beautiful in life and much more. I love you so much. Greetings from Mexico”; “Your month has come, may it be a month full of beautiful things because you deserve everything‘, are two of the hundreds of comments that can be read on his Instagram profile.

However, his colleagues also wrote to him, such as Aida Morales, a former participant in reality show kitchen chef:

“A beautiful little piece. You don’t know how to adore you. You don’t know how happy my heart is when I see you (I think you feel it). You are all I see here and I embrace you in boundless sympathy and love. You are capable of anything.”

The Spaniard José Maria Galeano joined this list of letters, writing:

“Cycles, moments, processes…everything in order and waiting for the universe to conspire in our infinite expanses. Always the best for what’s to come, my dear and admired Carmen. I have missed and loved you so much.”

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Carmen Villalobos’ victories

Carmen Villalobos is known in the entertainment world for its talent and allure that it presents at every moment; For this reason, he led various events, among them Your Urban Music Awards, Where it shone.

“A big thank you to everyone who took part in creating a team with love,” he wrote, referring to the award ceremony at which fellow countryman Carol G won the awards.

Villalobos has the distinction of giving appreciation and value to the women around her, as she expressed it in a post.

“But I think it can be done and that’s why I love being surrounded by special women. who love their work and do it with passion; The woman who inspires and empowers me, but above all I love working with women who believe just like meWe can all shine without casting a shadow on the person next to us, because we all deserve to shine.”

“For me, who I am the face, I need a team. I am lucky to have you,” the actress said after praying before leading the event.