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Alexandra Domaska ​​showed off her pregnant belly.  Her partner was with her

Alexandra Domaska ​​showed off her pregnant belly. Her partner was with her

Alexandra Tomaska ​​on July 9 this year. She told her fans she was pregnant. A few hours later, the actress decided to produce a series of questions and answers (questions and answers) for them, in which she referred to singer Cassie Lins’ show as “Your Soul Wants (Live Show)”. As part of the show’s title, the actress gave advice to her fans and responded to important issues. She talked about very funny and light topics like love, attitude to her body and what her bitch, Blanca has.

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At the end of the question and answer session, the actress released a very meaningful, hot photo … in which she showed her pregnant belly. Alexandra Tomaska ​​is shown with a troll in a colorful sweater and with one hand she is holding her partner’s hand as she holds it to her leg. What is important, The “host of boredom” star ties his hands to his stomach, showing that it is already considerably rounded. “What does the soul want?” The actress added the answer sent by the fan to the question. – “Love“And added:

Photo: Instagram / domanska_naprawde

Alexandra Tomaska ​​poses for a photo with her partner and female planka

Alexandra Domaska ​​showed off her pregnant belly

Alexandra Tomaska ​​on July 9 this year. He posted a post on Instagram in which he noted that artists lack important creative inspiration. A famous actress of the younger generation tried to find out the causes of the problem she was dealing with … she revealed that she was pregnant.

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At the end of the entry, she asked her talented lovers the question of whether the waiting period for the baby had had a similar impact on them. Her entry was noticed by Laura Jesler and Alexandra Hamcano, who recently became a mother, and confirmed her observations linked to pregnancy.

At first, I looked at it with interest and waited until this moment passed. Well, because I thought back then, mini. I need rest. I never did it, so the time has come. But people just don’t see him! Now? Now I think to myself »What is the Qur’an of * ck. Where are my ideas? Where I ask for creativity, I ask you. Will I ever be like this? About Devi, I discovered and edited it two years ago and it was nice, beautiful and clear. What’s going on, I ask and is anyone else here? Gold advice? Words of words? Pregnancy Will this happen again? Tell me! ” – Written by Alexandra Tomaska.

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