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Amal surprises Jan Bart’s daughter by talking about his daughters

Amal is a happy mother’s daughter. mother of two daughters coach the sound She fell in love with her daughters on October 1 in day to day.

Amel Bent She thrived as a singer thanks to the release of her latest album, AliveThis Friday the first of October. And when she’s not in the studio doing new songs, she spends all her time with her family. Married to Patrick Antonelli, coach the sound She has two daughters who fill her with happiness. The eldest Sofia was born in 2016 and the youngest Hana was born shortly after in 2017. In the group day to dayThe singer returns to her love for her daughters and confesses her desire to expand her family.

I find you hard!

Amal Bint has lived through difficult times in her life, but she is very proud of her children who helped her accept herself.When I look at my daughters, see myself in them and love them deeply, I must love myselfLianne Barthes explains. For her daughters being her spitting image, she must be gentle with herself to be able to be the mother she is today: If I don’t like pieces of me, I don’t like pieces of her and that’s not possible. After these words, Yan Bartis seemed to be shocked: “I find you hard!He said, amazed at his reaction, the singer asked him why, and then replied: “It’s your decision!Faced with this situation, she explains:At some point in life, you have to decide. You have to move your pawns forward.

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She dreams of having four daughters

Amal Bint also admits that she is crazy about her daughters who are the apple of her eyesShe wants to have two more daughters to do like Dr. Marsh’s daughters.It’s weird… There’s a mole in my house. It’s something I’ve said a lot‘ replied Jan Barthes when the topic was brought up.Yes“She continues to confirm what the journalist says. Surprised that he is aware of his wishes, he explained that she would have said this during her interviews with the media.”Very possibleShe nodded her head before concluding:But it is true that I have said that a lot!