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Francis Ford Coppola (again) criticized Marvel; As happened with the films “Dune” and “No Time To Die” – El Financiero

Francis Ford Coppola Make noise on the network again after A .’s work Review (yes again) for marvel tapes and superheroes in general, but it didn’t stop there; He also included in his comments other films, such as the recently released Dune, by Denis VilleneuveAnd the No time to dieThe final installment in the James Bond franchise.

Although he admitted that the latter has a great production and directing team behind them, in an interview with GQ The director admitted that these films have little connection with history, because they are very similar to each other and began to adopt a “formula”, just like superhero films.

“Before there were studio movies. Now there are Marvel movies. And what is a Marvel movie? A Marvel movie is a movie prototype that is made over and over again but looks different.“, start.

“Even the gifted; we can take Dunemade by Denis Villeneuve, a very talented artist, and you can take No time to diedirected by Cary Fukunaga, are very talented and beautiful artists,” Coppola said.

That’s when he started explaining why he thinks most directors go for the “winner formula”: “If you take the two films, we can take the same sequence of them to put them together. The same sequence where vehicles collide with each other. All of these films have those things and they almost have to do If they want to justify their budget, these are the “good” and “talented” directors.

It’s not the first time he’s done that

After some statements made by Martin Scorsese in 2019, in which he hinted that the Marvel tapes are not cinema but ‘something different’: “park attractions that are not interested in ‘trying to transmit psychological emotional experiences to another human'”, Coppola made him second and He said Scorsese wasn’t just right, but he didn’t go far enough.

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He said the Marvel movies were ‘despicable’. “He’s right because we hope to learn something from cinema, we hope to gain something, to enlighten ourselves a little bit, to gain some knowledge, some inspiration,” Coppola said in 2019.