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Separation rumors are growing: Charlene may lose her children in the event of a divorce

After traveling to South Africa in March, Princess Charlene is still unable to return to her husband Albert and their children in Monaco due to health issues. Due to constant speculation about the separation of the princely couple in Monaco, the Palace felt compelled to comment on Charlene’s health. According to the report, she contracted an infection after undergoing a sinus lift and bone graft prior to her flight. A sinus lift is a dental treatment that must, in some cases, be performed prior to dental implantation.

A few days ago, the princess announced that the flight home should wait a little longer. Opposite Radio South Africa 702 She said she hopes to return to Monaco in October. “I was originally supposed to stay here for ten to 12 days, but unfortunately I had trouble balancing my ear pressure. Doctors told me I had a sinus infection, and it was very dangerous,” she said. “So it takes time to address this issue that I have.” One can now “not force a cure”. “So I will stay in South Africa until the end of October,” the princess continued.

In the event of a divorce, Charlene could lose her children

Her long absence from the princely court, despite repeated assurances from Charlene that she misses her husband, continues to fuel speculation. Bad titles like Are Albert and Charlene headed for a divorce? Increase. Royal commentators in France predict that a divorce is imminent in the millions of euros.

Even the trustworthy French commentator Stéphane Perrin argues it out loud daily Mail In a new article for the newspaper Paris Match Possible separation. In Monaco, people are getting angry at Charlene’s absence. Byrne wrote aloud: “Since Charlene left, there has been gossip in Monaco” daily Mail. There was no good hair left on the former professional swimmer.

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