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Drama on Azteca TV! Horacio Villalobos responds to accusations of harassing a member of the “VLA”

Mexico City. – a second Azteca TV located in the middle of massive drama, After a long period accused of sexual harassment for a member of come joy And a former member of academy, Driver Horacio Villalobos use his account Instagram NS answer them.

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Last Friday 30th July Chisme there is no such Confirmed that the former driver Televisa was annoying Denis Arana, Exparticipante Mexico survivorwho met him academy Previously Ruby Moraexpatriates Wabayasos Found in “Quiero Cantar”.

Then, on the night of August 1, in a live broadcast on his Instagram account, he denied everything the “programucho that” had said, stating that if it was true, the alleged affected should denounce them, and ask them to pass on a message to them. They are taking action on the matter because it is “ugly information”.

It’s ugly information, one cannot allow them to say these things. I have never harassed anyone, and I will not harass anyone because I don’t have to harass anyone. They can’t invent that and come out like that without doing harm, because it hurts and they invent vile things that are not true, and they cannot live such a life, inventing vile things, and trying to bring followers to their channel “expressed Horacio.

Finally he said that he would not leave and would not tolerate such a thing made up about him, he said that they should prove their accusations.

I’m not leaving and if they support this news, let them prove it to me, let them show me that I harassed this boy who competes in “Quiero Cantar” and Dennis Arana, if we don’t even say hello. It’s annoying because I heard you,” I conclude.

Source: Futbol Radio Formula

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