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An evening at the opera. Lewandowska explains why this is a special solution

Robert and Anna Lewandowski don’t live off sports alone. On social media, the wife of the captain of the Polish national team hailed a special moment for her whole family.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Anna and Robert Lewandowski

Instagram / annalewandowskahpba / Pictured: Anna and Robert Lewandowski

Professionally, Robert Lewandowski has already finished 2021. He played his last match on Friday and coach Julian Nagelsmann suspended Bayern Munich players until January 2.

So the best striker in the world and captain of the Polish national team can go to rest. However, he did not choose warm countries, sun and beach, but Warsaw.

With his wife Anna and children, they are already in the capital of our country, where they will spend the upcoming holidays with their families.

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At the moment, they do not complain of boredom, and actively spend their free time. On Sunday, they visited, among other things, the Lewandowski restaurant “Nine”, where they had lunch and checked how the work was “going”.

That wasn’t the end of Sunday’s exit plans. In the evening, they focused on culture, and Anna Lewandowska paid tribute to her special visit to the National Opera. Why was this director so special?

“Today is an important event for us, Clara for the first time at the Polish National Opera,” she wrote under a photo posted on social media. The family went to the ballet “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”.

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