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ASF on the offensive - Three new outbreaks in three counties

ASF on the offensive – Three new outbreaks in three counties

Information from the chief veterinarian shows that outbreaks of new wild boar fever have been confirmed on farms in Podkarbasi, Podlasie and in Warmian-Masurian province.

Unfortunately, circulating rumors of further outbreaks of ASF among pigs have been confirmed. The chief veterinarian reports in the published report on the outbreak of African swine fever on 9, 10 and 11 in 2021. The announcement was made on the basis of the results of research conducted by the State Veterinary Institute – National Research Institute in Boawe.

Outbreak No. 2021/9 on the farm located in the town of Zaborcze, in the municipality of Przecław, in Mielec was noted with deaths in Podkarpacie. The virus occurred in a herd of 27 pigs (10 weaned, 15 fattening pigs, 2 sows). Unfortunately, this is another fire in this region this year.

ASF outbreak No. 10 was identified on a farm with 54 pigs (15 piglets, 10 fattening pigs, 25 pancakes, 4 sows), in Baciki town Furthermore, in Siemiatycze municipality, in Podlaskie voivodship This is bad news for farmers in the area where the virus has returned After a long period of calm.

ASF outbreak No. 2021/11, in turn, occurred on a farm in Warmisko-Mazurskie County. It is the largest of the three outbreaks identified, as it concerns a pig farm where 976 pigs were raised (439 piglets, 128 fattening pigs, 272 sows, 134 sows, 3 pigs). It is a farm in the town of Prejłowo, in the municipality of Purda, in Olsztyn poviat.

In all three cases, veterinary services proved to be primary outbreaks and all were confirmed in regionalization areas.

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