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Big Families, Life in XXL: Blois slams their money, Jerome slams

Big Families, Life in XXL: Blois slams their money, Jerome slams

On March 23, 2022, in addition to the return of Santoro, my viewers Big Families, Life in XXL Discover six new tribes: Boibessot, Colas, Huberts, Pavonis, Provenchères and Servières. But who says newcomers say departed. Thus, Blois no longer appears on TF1 broadcasts. According to the Pellissard family, they could have been kicked out of the program! If we no longer see it on screen, Jerome And the Diane Blois She is still very active on social media. On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the father of nine spoke up on Instagram after the rejection he received when looking for a new home.

I honestly don’t see what to do. I submitted all papers to file. We offered to pay the rent for a year in advance, to further reassure the lady… I don’t think everyone can do that and we are lucky to put up with it. But that’s not enough… So we keep looking for a homeThe father of the family explained in his story.

Seriously, some make me tired

None of his followers appreciated the words of the one who clashed with Amandine Plessard. He commented on it in a private message:But how can you be able to pay rent for a year in advance? These days, there are so many sides… you’re in luck. Why do you suddenly whine when you go to put gasoline or when you have to buy a washing machine? When you have that much money set aside, frankly, it’s not a huge concern. Think of those who pay for gasoline like you or who have unexpected purchases but are in the red on the 20th of the month

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Known for the frankness of Jerome Blois, whose family has already found themselves at the center of a scam, he posted the message and responded directly to it. “Since we have more resources than others, we don’t have the right to be constrained because our dishwasher and washing machine break down? By the way, we got it for 1000 euros! And €1,000 as the lowest down payment for the house you want to buy in the future! But since we have more resources than others, should we be happy to pay 2 euros per liter of diesel? Seriously, some annoy me. Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees“The father of the family is upset.