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Who is Aida Pearce, an actress whose son was arrested for masquerading as the elderly?

Aida Pearce confirmed that her son was being held on charges of masquerading as an old adult. Photo: quartoscore

actress Aida Pierce She is embroiled in controversy thanks to her son, as he was one of those arrested for disguising himself as an older adult to reach the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The actress confirmed the situation she is facing. offers you the technical path to Aida Pierce.

Aida Maria Zirisero Pierce, better known as Aida Pierce, born in Acapulco Guerrero, And stands out with a career in the world of acting in it Comedy series and projects.

The beautiful woman on her right foot started in the acting world with an important Mexican theatrical production, such asThe magic of the gods “, Among other things. Her talent for jumping onto registration forums led her Small screen.

Pierce She has appeared in various major shows, such as “The Guadalupe Rose”, “As the saying goes” and “Cases of Women – Reality of Life”.

In a race Aida Pierce There are also various comedy shows, such as ‘Carbine ambrosio’, next to Gina Montes, Luis de Alba and Alejandro Suarez, Among other things. He was also part of the project Marriage, Humor … comedians, Laughter Factory, and Beauty Salon, For example, but not limited.

The talent that you have Aida Pierce It also led her to be a part of various movies like Candido Perez is a specialist in women’s affairs., next to Jorge Ortiz de Penedo, Nuria Bages, and Maria Luisa Alcala.

“The stork was wrong” or “Two bastard ghosts” or “my living wiggler”, They are also part of the movies where Aida She showed her acting talent and charisma throughout her career in the middle of the show.

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And although he used to share his fans on social media, after the scandal launched by his son, Aida Pierce I decided to move away from the digital world and She closed her official accounts.