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Julian Dore and Virginie Evira: This dinner that changed everything between them

Fifteen years of friendship and close this special link! Between Virginie Evira and Julian Dorey, it’s a story that lasts, but there was actually a moment more exciting than the others that changed everything …

She is an actress, he’s a singer … two different worlds are very close at the same time! Two artists who have learned to know each other and create bonds that continue today for 15 years. In fact, Virginie Evira and Julian Doré Friends for several years. Reticent but honest to each other Since they met in 2007 on the hook of TV La Nouvelle Star, these two celebs have seen their relationship turn into a steadfast friendship during a very private dinner. And for good, simple, attentive and considerate reasons, Virginie had a good idea to invite “her new boyfriend” to an evening with a star that Julian especially appreciates: singer Christophe.

Delicious food hit the mark Of the title performer we : “I was totally impressed. You touched me a lotCapture in the magazine pages Madame Figaro. In this same interview, Virginie explained:It was Kristoff who expressed a desire to meet Julian“. A moment they simply ended their relationship And trust them in each other! “Thanks to her, she felt kindly entering the world she had dreamed of“Julian Dorre added.”This dinner was also an opportunity to deepen what Julian and I have in common: simplicity, depth, and a sense of self-irony.This is how Niels Schneider’s companion came to the conclusion.

I left my kiki

Since then, years have passed and a music video was born! In fact, Virginie Evira agreed to play In the final clip by his friend Julian Doré, Kiki, Dee’s album issue lovableAlready certified dual-platinum disc. In this millimeter-calibrated miniature movie, we discover the 43-year-old actress as a pregnant woman in a hospital run by children … awesome program! Always in Madame FigaroThe 38-year-old singer was very appreciative of his friend: “She gave it everything for two days, from 6 am-11pm, in epic conditionsBut despite the difficulties and unexpected events such as the snowfall, Virginie Evira greatly appreciated this filming process and in particular the adventure that was said there:What I liked about this story is that the two characters try to pull themselves out of one world to recreate another.A clip full of love, humor, and self-irony, just like their friendship !

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Image credits: Guillaume Gaffiot / Bestimage