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Errol Sander expelled from “Let’s Dance” – 13 jury points

Cologne. Although they did not receive the worst jury verdict, actor Errol Sander (52) and professional dancer Marta Arendt were excluded from the dance show Let’s Dance. And it appears that the added viewer votes were not sufficient to advance after the Friday evening broadcast.

Jury Mutsi Mapuz and Jorge Gonzalez praised the fact that Sander did not dance samba for the first time. Judge Joachim Lambie said: “Maybe it was luck.” The duo received 13 jury points. The actor didn’t look as surprised as if he wanted to urgently continue dancing.

Jan Hoover did worse

Former Tageshaw spokesperson and professional dancer Christina Loft, Jan Hoover performed worse – by one point less – with Slovo. The jury stated that they have seen an increase in the 69-year-old artist’s dance shows. But there is still room for improvement. For example, Lambie said Hoover was just on time, “But there was a little dancing.”

The competition between the professional dancing couple Lucien and the first male couple in the German version of the dance show continued: the jury honored actress Valentina Bahde (26) and Valentin Lucen with a total of 30 points. Llambi and Mabuse said your lazy fox was the best ever on “Let’s Dance.” “Dar was a dream,” Gonzalez said. “Pure Hollywood.” Footballers Rick Gislason (33) and Renata Lucien scored 29 points each for Kwikstep and former “Prince Charming” Nicholas Bushman (30) and Vadim Garbozov for Charleston. Llambi deducted a point from both for minor technical errors such as footsteps on the heel instead of soccer ball.

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Slogan: Summer Party

The fifth show featured the summer party slogan, which became evident in the selection of songs and in some parts of the show from the dances: back a pool filled with balls, a cocktail stand with pineapples, glittering headphones and palm fronds. The floor.

There was also a lot to celebrate as part of the show: Gonzalez received a cake in the 100th episode. The choreographer said he was very proud to have been there for such a long time. Llambi and Mabuse which is the only jury on global versions of the show who have worked together for a long time. As it became known on Friday, professional dancer Isabelle Edvardsson (38) became a mother for the second time. Because of her pregnancy, she does not dance in the fourteenth season.

In addition, the Cologne-based private broadcaster was beating drums for the “Let’s Dance – Kids” edition, which was launched on Friday on TV Now, the media group’s live broadcasting portal, with nominated children and children of celebrities.