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Boston Dynamics robots dance with BTS in two epic videos فيديو

Boston Dynamics, whose acquisition by Hyundai became official last week, has a new video in which its robots dance with members of the BTS. units Atlas sites They automatically go to the beat of “IONIQ: I’m on it” along with the K-Pop group to celebrate that they are now part of the South Korean company.

in the first video, siete robots spot “retan” on BTS To dance with complex choreography, carefully programmed, which you can see here:

according to Release At Boston Dynamics, you have presented many of the challenges that the world of robotics has faced Eric Whitman I have to draw to design the routine:

“Everything has to be planned in advance and meticulously. robots It has more advantage Humans It’s very repetitive: once you do, it stays that way. However, they have a drawback that you have to tell them every little detail. They are not good impromptu.”

The second article shows, now yes, members BTS In a video titled “Welcome to the Family” as a celebration because Boston Dynamics is now part of Hyundai. “Look who visited our photography studio!” They say on YouTube. “BTS gets a surprise visit from Boston Dynamics’ Spot and Atlas. Watch them have fun and flaunt their moves in an epic dance.”

Boston Dynamics, which spun off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992, was bought by Hyundai in June of this year for about $880 million. The company has featured viral videos featuring its bots which, according to founder Mark Raybert, are a way to show people what they can achieve.

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