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British royalty: anxiety for Queen Elizabeth

It has not been an easy year for the British Queen. Oprah’s scandalous interview with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan made waves and brought the British royal family to the spot. The Sussex family accused the “company” of lack of support and racism, among other things. On April 9, Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, who had been an important source of support for her since their wedding in 1947, died. Now once again her grandson Harry is making a fuss. He plans to publish his memoirs next year, which it is already assumed the royal family will not do well in. He himself announced that he would describe the “ups and downs” of his life in his book. Furthermore, the Palace is currently investigating allegations of bullying against Duchess Meghan, which was raised by former employees against the former actress. In short: Troubled times for the 95-year-old Queen, who will celebrate her 70th birthday next year.

The ‘tired and sad’ Queen seeks sanctuary at Balmoral Castle

You desperately need a break, anxious voices from the palace urge the audience. Following news of Harry’s planned book – which the Queen only recently discovered – the King has now withdrawn to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She still grieves for her husband the sun Source. In addition, she is “incredibly tired”. The Queen hopes to escape the tension in Scotland.

“She couldn’t wait to run away,” says the hardworking Queen. A source said, “She is still very sad and wants to go to Balmoral to escape. She is also incredibly tired.” “The announcement of Harry’s book and new claims that four books could be published are the last thing you need.”

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