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Sarah and Mohamed in the 2021 final What you need to know

TOP CHEF 2021. The Top Chef Final is broadcast tonight on M6. The nominees, the final exam, the rule… We tell you all about the final episode of the 2021 season.

[Mis à jour le 9 juin 2021 à 12h02] This is the moment Top Chef believers have been waiting for for weeks. This Wednesday, June 9, 2021, M6 broadcasts the final match of the Culinary Contest. They were fifteen at first, and there were only two candidates left in the competition: Mohamed of Helen Darroes’ brigade and Sarah of Paul Barré’s brigade.

And only one event will allow them to make the decision this evening, not least. The Top Chef finalist challenges candidates to create a complete menu in the palace (main course – main course – dessert) for the 70 guests from the Red Cross, who swore for the occasion on one evening of the show. The event takes place at George V, a Parisian palace. At the end of this test, Red Cross volunteers vote on which list they like the most, thus determining the winner of the 2021 Top Chef.

Mohamed Sheikh is one of the finalists for Top Chef 2021. The 28-year-old, this young chef has never hidden that he came from a popular Paris suburb (Fontenay-sous-Bois), and that he had to scramble to find a spot in the middle. Notably, he has worked with several Michelin-starred chefs, such as Eric Fritchon. He has also worked in prestigious restaurants, such as Royal Monceau or Shangri-La. From the start of the competition, Mohamed was part of Helen Drews’ brigade. You can give your opinion of the Top Chef nominees in the notices at the bottom of this article.

Sarah Mingui is one of fifteen nominees for the 2021 season of Top Chef. On the episode that aired on June 2, 2021, she qualified for the final and is still competing in the M6 ​​cooking competition. This 25-year-old woman from Nantes currently works as a chef at the Fakarem restaurant. At Top Chef, she was distinguished by her vegetarian cuisine, but also by her character: at first, the candidate was severely lacking in self-confidence and could collapse under pressure. As the competition progressed, supported by Hélène Darroze and then Paul Pairet, she revealed herself, becoming a formidable opponent. You can give your opinion about the candidates for the Top Chef program by clicking here.

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Why is M6 inviting viewers not to watch the final?

This is unprecedented in the small world of television. M6 posted a message on social media, on the eve of the final, to ask one thing of its viewers: not to watch the final live, but to wait a day to discover the Top Chef winner in the replay. why ? Because broadcasting the final on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 coincides with the reopening of restaurants with larger scales. Many establishments remained closed after the second phase of dismantling on May 19 because conditions were not met for a good reopening. Thus, M6 supports restaurateurs with this message, inviting viewers to go to the restaurant rather than stay in front of his television tonight to watch the Top Chef final.

Can we vote for the Top Chef Final?

The Top Chef Final follows the same process as in previous years. Red Cross volunteers are invited to vote for the lists they liked most among the 2021 finalists. Unlike other game shows, such as Koh Lanta or The Voice, viewers are not required to vote to elect the winner of the Top Chef, since they cannot judge the candidates’ dishes.

At the end of the Top Chef semi-finals on June 2, 2021, Matthias was eliminated, while the nominee was among the season finalists to reach the final stage of the competition. brigade filter Philip Echebest She tied with Sarah in the semi-finals. In the end, it was Michel Saran who made the decision between the two candidates. The chef excelled in creating the recipes that Sarah presented during the semi-finals at Mastering Mathias. Hence, both Mohamed and Sarah qualified for the 2021 Top Chef Finals. Below is a list of the disqualified candidates, with the corresponding episode count:

  • Yohei and Adrian, during the formation of the phalanx (episode 1)
  • Jarvis, the only candidate (episode 2)
  • Matthew, Major General Philip Echebest (Episode 3)
  • Pierre Paul Barré Brigade (episode 4)
  • Bruno’s Brigade Michael Saran (episode 5)
  • Pauline, Major General Paul Barré (Episode 6)
  • Charlene, Major General Philip Echebest (Episode 7)
  • Chloe, Helen Darroes’ Brigade (episode 8), Bruno and Pierre’s return to Top Chef in Philip Echebest and Michel Saran’s Brigade
  • Thomas, of the brigade of Michel Saran and then of the brigade of Helen Darros (episode 9)
  • Baptiste, from Paul Barré’s Brigade (episode 10)
  • Arnaud of Michel Saran’s Battalion and Helen Drews (Episode 11)
  • Bruno, of Philip Echebest’s Brigade (2nd Elimination, Episode 12)
  • Pierre from the Michel Saran Brigade (2nd Elimination, Episode 15 Quarter-finals)
  • Matthias, of Philip Echebest’s Brigade (episode 17, semi-finals)
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Fifteen candidates hope to win the Top Chef for the 2021 season. They range in age from 19 to 37, some work in prestigious restaurants with top chefs, others are still in apprenticeship or have opened their own culinary establishment. Among them, we find the chef of the best vegetarian restaurant in the world, nominees from Japan, Belgium or the United States, or the winner of the Objectif Top Chef, Charline, who automatically joins Philippe Etchebest’s brigade.

Since the show’s inception, the Top Chef jury has changed a lot from season to season. For the 2021 edition, we find the same chefs as last year: Philippe Echebiest (Blue Brigade), Michel Saran (Yellow Brigade), Helen Darros (Red Brigade) and Paul Perret (Brigade Major). purple). As a reminder, the latter joined the Top Chef jury in 2020, replacing Jean-Francois Trapp. Each juror takes under his wing three candidates, who will advise throughout the culinary competition and try to take them to the final. During presentation, successive liquidations often result in gluteal remodeling.

The winner of Top Chef 2021 is not yet known, as the final has yet to be broadcast. On June 17, 2020, followers of Top Chef were able to discover the name of the last winner of the M6 ​​Culinary Contest. David Gallian won the eleventh season, with 56.41% of the vote, against Adrien Cachot of Paul Barré’s brigade (43.59% of the vote). At the age of 31, brigade nominee Helen Darroes was the Season 11’s only Featured Chef, Head Chef at Le Jardin des Plumes gourmet restaurant in Giverny (Normandy). Thanks to this victory, David earned 56,410 euros.

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Top Chef is a show that airs every Wednesday on M6. Top Chef is broadcast on M6 every Wednesday. It is possible to watch the show live from 9:05 pm, the cooking competition broadcast schedule. To watch the episode broadcast that same evening live, simply go to Channel Six or stream on the site. 6 play.frWhether on a computer, tablet or mobile phone

Every new episode of Top Chef 2021 will be available the next day for reruns. All you have to do is call 6play, the M6 ​​replay service, to find the episode. But this is available for a limited time, so it is recommended not to delay before catching up.

Top Chef 2021 – airs on TV show every Wednesday on M6