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Bruce Willis’ wife talks about her daily life alongside the sick actor

Bruce Willis’ wife talks about her daily life alongside the sick actor

Emma Heming has invested alongside her husband, Bruce Willis, who ended his career last March after he was declared ill, and spoke about how she lived through the situation in a social media post.

It’s hard to be everywhere. While Bruce Willis’ family announced last March that the actor has aphasia, a disease that causes speech and language disorders, his wife, Emma Heming, and their children are supporting the “Crystal Trap” star at all costs. But, in order to take care of his family, Emma Heming, second wife of Bruce Willis who is 23 years his junior, has faithfully confided that he needed to take a moment.

need to think about it

The 40s, who has been married to the actor for more than ten years, explained this in a message she shared on her Instagram story, which was spotted by several celebrity magazines. “Someone told me not so long ago that when you care too much about someone, you end up not caring enough about yourself,” noted Bruce Willis’ wife and mother of two, Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn.

And to add: “When you put everyone’s needs over yours, no one will win. I don’t do it perfect, but I really try to be my best for the people I love and adore.” If she rightly admits that she also needs to think of her, Emma Heming spares no effort to instill joy and humor within her tribe.

Since the announcement of the 67-year-old actor’s illness, the model has doubled up on family trips and activities. Moments that they share regularly on their networks. And whether it’s nature vacations as a couple or family, trips to theme parks or a trip to New York with her daughters, Emma Heming is definitely dedicated to her family.

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