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Laura Londoño reveals the nature of working with William Levy: ‘Neither good nor bad, it’s just different’

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Laura London She is one of the most popular Colombian actresses today, considering that her name has been part of well-known and successful productions, such as ‘Perfumed coffee for women(version 2021), although it was not very successful in the audience while airing on RCN, it did well on Netflix.

However, her participation in this telenovela was marred by controversies indicating that she had quite a few problems with her co-workers, even with William Levy himself, with whom she seemed to have very good chemistry on screen.

To solve all the questions and doubts that fans of the production have on this topic, the actress from Antioquia spoke in an interview with People magazine, where They pointed out that the differences between them lie in the fact that they both have very different working styles.

“I’m looking for him outside the scene,” William said to me. If the scene is uncomfortable I try to provoke that discomfort from the outside.” Because it happened to us. There were moments when I said, but why is this guy with me? What is happening? It’s strange’ (…) Then we made the scene and I said to him: ‘What’s going on? ‘ He said to me, ‘I saw the scene was so uncomfortable, well, I’ve given birth to that before until he got to the scene.’ All these kinds of things are different ways of doing it. And I said to him, “But come here, tell me you will, do not put me in this position, I feel uncomfortable.” Exactly, he told me, if I told you I wouldn’t have the effect I’m looking for, so I can’t tell you.

Finally, Laura Londoño added that her experience with the Cuban actor was something “Weird and different, but that’s it, it’s like getting to know each other, communicating, understanding shapes and someone says, ‘This is it, ready, this is the game, let’s play this'”.

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In another statement previously made by the woman who gave life to Paloma in Fernando Gaitan’s telenovela, but through her social networks, she commented that friction with her colleagues is normal, but He ruled out their bad relationship with William Levy.

“There is everything here. There were days when we got along well and other days when we were not, because that’s how it is in real life, in fictional life and in all life. Sometimes you want it and sometimes you don’t want to see the other, but nonetheless, We keep working,” Laura Londono expressed in one of her stories.

Likewise, he said that you don’t have to become the best friend of everyone you work with, and that doesn’t mean you hate them or you hate them.

also, He confirmed that he would work with William Levy again without any problemBecause the struggles of the past have been overcome.

“I very much appreciate working with him since I learned millions of things. You don’t necessarily have to become a close friend to all the people you work with, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you hate them, you hate them. Let’s not go to extremes. Everything was perfect,” concluded Londono.

“The main reason for the discussion is that Laura can no longer deal with William Levy. They had a scene. I know everything,” said presenter Ariel Osorio, presenter Ariel Osorio:

But he was not the only one to talk about it, as international media also reported that the Cuban refused to kiss the Colombian backstage, so the production had to resort to some tricks.

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