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Variant in TF1: Are other episodes planned?  TV news series

Variant in TF1: Are other episodes planned? TV news series

Launched last year on TF1 with JoeyStarr and Barbara Schulz, “The Replacement” is back on the air Monday night for a new double episode. But will new episodes be released soon?

Thanks to its success last year on TF1, Le Remplacant, which drew 6.6 million viewers in April 2021, is now a series and returns this evening with two new episodes still worn by JoeyStarr in the skin of Nicolas Vallier, a non-conformist French teacher who has nothing to envy about the heroes of La Faute à Rousseau or Sam, as the seventh season is being prepared.

In episodes 3 and 4, which form a single plot, the series created by Chloe Mercier, Joris Moreau and Jean-Andre Yerles focuses this time on the topic of homophobia through the character of Xavier Mellor (Stéphane Gillon), the victim of one of the victims. Involuntary exit in high school.

His fellow teachers support him in his desire to punish the perpetrator: a sophomore named Diego (Louis Sutton). But Nicholas Valéry refuses to believe in the homophobia of this frail high school student. Against the advice of everyone (or almost), and wanting to educate rather than punish, he takes the student under his wing.

And if everything indicated that these new episodes of Le Remplacant would meet their audience, TF1 didn’t wait to judge sessions to order new parts of its school series led by JoeyStarr, Barbara Schulz and Héléna Noguerra.

At the end of last year, TF1 already prepared two more new episodes that will welcome Arnaud Ducret (Lies), rappers Oxmo Puccino and Amelle Chahbi (Gloria) as guests. There will be a question about school harassment as Elsa, one of Nicolas Valeyre’s students, will have to deal with a leak on social networks of intimate photos that were not meant to be shared.

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The teacher’s opportunity embodied by JoeyStarr to teach his class to respect privacy while at the same time Nicolas Vallier will also encounter, in his personal life, the return of Chris, an old friend of the kind overburdened by Arnaud Ducrete.

The broadcast date has not yet been revealed by TF1 channel, which will broadcast, next Monday, the first two episodes of the new season 12 of Clem. The good news, however, is that The Replacer hasn’t finished dazzling viewers yet as according to our information, filming for episodes 7 and 8 will begin on March 28 in the Paris region.