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Muriel Robin embarrassed: asked to remove ‘portrait’ where it’s ‘huge’: Current Woman Le MAG

Muriel Robin embarrassed: asked to remove ‘portrait’ where it’s ‘huge’: Current Woman Le MAG

A major character on the French comedy scene, Muriel Robin also proved capable of taking on more dramatic fantasy, as was the case when she took on the role of Jacqueline Sauvage in TF1. Present on the set It’s up to you Together with Cedric Klapish on Monday, March 21, 2022 on France 5The actress promoted the next film directed by the director, in which she plays a role. During the Anne Elisabeth Lemoyne talk show, columnist Pierre Lisquiere returned to the very strong friendship that binds Muriel Robin to Laine Reno. Thus, the spread of the documentary film entitled The thousand and one lives of Line Renauddirected by journalist Mireille Dumas, which will be programmed on France 3 Friday, March 25, 2022 prime time.

Friday in The thousand and one lives of Line RenaudOn France 3At 9 p.m. we find Muriel, and of course we find your girlfriend Laine and the life of the thousand and one. Line Meryl Dumas tells about the strength of her friendship between you and Claude [Chirac, ndlr]the former leader of . confirmed Channel +before teams It’s up to you An excerpt from this famous documentary was broadcast live. Obviously, the sequence in question influenced Muriel Robin a lot. “It’s a great ! No, but it’s a dream grandmother”, declared the comedian, who seemed too embarrassed to discover certain images of her on the screen.You should remove this picture as I’m huge!I took a step forward, causing many laughs.

Muriel Robin on the new documentary about her friend Laine Reno: ‘I learned a lot of things’

It’s moving, it’s called a pictureAnne Elizabeth Lemoine immediately replied.Well, you have to remove it nowBidding on who she shares her life with An Lu Nin, before concluding:It’s not moving fast… Thank you. Put the beautiful lady [Line Renaud, ndlr]And the It will be much betterSubsequently, Muriel Robin invited viewers to France 5 to go France 3 Watch this new documentary dedicated to Line Renaud on Friday, March 25, 2022.”You have to see this picture on Friday, it’s cool. Even if you’ve seen other pictures on Line Renaud, you’ve also seen them all, look at this picture. I learned a lot of things“.

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